Blizzard has blocked several of our host bots from Because the upcoming 1.30.2 patch will anyway break support for joining our games from, we will not be investigating this block further.

To continue playing on ENT and MMH, please use WC3Connect, a desktop application that allows you to easily join custom WC3 games.

Get WC3Connect here.

Games In Lobby

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Host Queue

Location User Gamename
Access to commands will be given to this player.

Recent Maps

Name Uploader Code Times Hosted
The game will be hosted on all realms, but the location impacts the performance.

1. Host the game

Go to the Host tab, and enter your username, desired map, and server location. You can pick from maps that you recently hosted, search for uploaded maps, or upload a new map.

2. Join the game

You'll get a gamename. You should join the game with the selected username within two minutes.

3. Play!

You can use these commands to manage the game (you have to wait a few seconds after joining for the bot to spoofcheck you before commands work):

  • !pub Diplomacy 24 player!: rename the game
  • !kick annoyingplayer: kick a player
  • !start: start the game